Can You Make Breasts Larger Naturally?

I have been thinking about whether or not it is practical to find a way to do natural breast enhancement, the reason that I was thinking that it must be possible is that I was reading about the side effects of this drug. It was supposed to be prescribed for psychosis and a few things like that, but the people who were selling the stuff apparently claimed that it would solve just about any problem that you could name. They were giving the stuff to every person who had bad breath or anxiety, even though the stuff had all sorts of nasty side effects. The one that got all of the attention in the subsequent lawsuits involved the fact that young men and boys developed large breasts. They have a word for that, but I can not recall it at the moment. Of course this drug is not something that you would want to take if you did not have a serious reason why you needed to take the stuff and so it is not a good thing to study. Obviously you do not want to have a drug or a supplement that gives boobs to people who do not want them. A drug that gives breast enlargement to boys is only useful if they are interested in a sex change or they were just very strange. You need something which is controllable and which targets the right gender, but there does not seem to be any reason why it could not work I would guess. It is not going to be real easy to figure out how to do it, but I am pretty sure that you could do it. After you did it you would have to make it stop at the size that the client wanted for it to be ideal.