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I Have a Job Working for the Chemistry Department

I just got hired today, although I really did not understand much about the job or what I am supposed to do. In essence it seems that I am babysitting a bunch of experiments which go on for long periods of time. I spend a lot of time doing my homework and studying or just goofing off on the internet. I did get to look for a place to buy top research chemical online, the professor seems to be upset with some company that provides him with the chemicals that he is using right now. In fact he seems to be somewhat upset at everything in general. That is not much of an issue for me. Read more

Finally Taking Care of an Old Problem

I finally found the courage to investigate acne scar removal in my late twenties after I got tired of hiding my hideous reminder of youthful acne behind layers of make up. I grew up in a poor home with parents who were unconcerned about their kids’ personal hygiene, and I’ve suffered greatly for it. Going through my teens I had hideous, terrible acne outbreaks that seemed to go on for months and months. A lack of showering probably didn’t help, and I had no access to creams or lotions that could’ve alleviated the situation. The result was horrible scarring by the time I hit twenty.

Fortunately, I was a good student and was able to go away to college and it was there, around other people, that I learned to start taking care of my skin. Read more

Expanding My Makeup and Other Product Horizons

I like brands that work. I get a real enjoyment out of purchasing products that do exactly what they are made to do. This even includes how products are advertised to taste. For example, I did not really know what real custard tasted like until a bought a British version of it in a can. Wow! That stuff is so tasty. I figured I would give some other international products a go, but I did not really know how to look them up. I found out that mascara translates to wimpernserum in German. Wimpern is eyelash. Yes, in other languages many products are very literal when you translate them back into English. However, after a little experimentation, you may be pleasantly surprised by some of the things you discover by expanding your horizons. Read more

The Man with No Wisdom

People around my age get their wisdom teeth removed in their late teens and early 20s, mostly because that’s what they figured they should do. Some have problems with their teeth and have to get them removed, while others simply do it as a precautionary measure. There was nothing wrong with my teeth, so I saw no need to go under the knife. The idea of mouth surgery was painful enough just to think about. As time passed, my wisdom teeth started to bother me, and I actually had to have wisdom teeth removal done. I was counting down the days until the removal, and loathing each one.

The problem with my wisdom teeth started as a mild pain. Read more

Learning to Speak Some German

I am not minding it too much over here, although it is true that I have been transferred to Germany without any ability to speak the language. I am working as a mechanic for an armored cavalry regiment in Germany and they keep talking about moving us closer to the Baltic states, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Of course they have a lot of tension with the Russians and NATO wants to show they are going to stand with them. I met a girl the other day and she taught me that wimpernserum means eyelash serum. We were in a drug store where I wanted to buy some allergy medicine. Read more

The Boss Had to Get Emergency Work Done on His Mouth

I got a call in the middle of the night the other morning and it took me a bit of time to process what was being said. It was my boss, but I could not understand him. The boss had to get emergency work done on his mouth and he wanted me to find him a dentist in Albuquerque who did that sort of thing on the fly. I had not idea exactly what he meant. It is not like I am the guy you call if you need help with the stuff that is going on in your mouth. Apparently what was going on was that he had an infection of some sort in one of the teeth in the back of his mouth. At least that is how I understood it. Read more

Using This Cream Was One of the Easiest Things I Could Do

I can remember being about 14 years old and worried about my bust size. My mom told me not to worry because there were always things I could do to change that when I got older. I did not think about it for years after that until I realized that I simply did not like the way shirts looked on me. That was when I decided to look for a good review of Naturaful breast cream after I heard about it. I figured that if it worked, it could be something that I could use rather than something else risky.

I have never been a fan of surgery. I had one surgery when I was 15 for my tonsillectomy, and I remember being so fearful of having it done. I also remember being in pain for about 3 weeks afterward. Read more

Can You Make Breasts Larger Naturally?

I have been thinking about whether or not it is practical to find a way to do natural breast enhancement, the reason that I was thinking that it must be possible is that I was reading about the side effects of this drug. It was supposed to be prescribed for psychosis and a few things like that, but the people who were selling the stuff apparently claimed that it would solve just about any problem that you could name. They were giving the stuff to every person who had bad breath or anxiety, even though the stuff had all sorts of nasty side effects. The one that got all of the attention in the subsequent lawsuits involved the fact that young men and boys developed large breasts. Read more

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Toe Nail Fungus

The truth is that a lot of the stuff that you see for this problem looks like it was designed to fight the Third World War. Of course nail fungus can be a really serious problem and I have a child who has gotten it. We think he brought it home from gym class or something. The boy lives in his basketball shoes and he might spend all of his time in the park playing basketball if allowed to do it. Of course like a lot of people I would not know if you can trust or any of the other sites that sell this sort of thing. I am trying to do my homework before I make a decision. It is easy enough to grab the first thing that you see and try it, but that is not what you want to do. You want to pick the right stuff and then knock the stuff out.

I am thinking it might not be a bad idea to go see some sort of doctor if it is not solved relatively easily. Read more

Finding Pure Garcinia Cambogia Without Added Ingredients is Important

In the battle to lose weight I was about to give up. A little over a year ago I changed what and how much I ate. I cut out all sweets and lost about the weight of a small teenager in my own body. It was incredible how fast the weight came off. However, being obese I needed to lose some more weight. I was wondering if the supplement at would work for me. I was looking into Garcinia Cambogia and did not know if it would work for me or not.

I did know that I needed to find a product that had the highest Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) content. I also did not want any fillers and other ingredients in the supplement. I avoid caffeine and other stimulants. Read more