Expanding My Makeup and Other Product Horizons

I like brands that work. I get a real enjoyment out of purchasing products that do exactly what they are made to do. This even includes how products are advertised to taste. For example, I did not really know what real custard tasted like until a bought a British version of it in a can. Wow! That stuff is so tasty. I figured I would give some other international products a go, but I did not really know how to look them up. I found out that mascara translates to wimpernserum in German. Wimpern is eyelash. Yes, in other languages many products are very literal when you translate them back into English. However, after a little experimentation, you may be pleasantly surprised by some of the things you discover by expanding your horizons.

You do not have to be an international traveler to try products from other countries either. My husband has a taste for a British spread for crackers and toast made from fermented yeast. It smells awful and tastes awful to me, but he really enjoys it. Another version of it is made in Australia. I do like my British custard and some of their great tasting teas, but makeup is my passion product for finding international alternatives. I only go for what is better than any American product I have found. When it comes to my eyelashes, I get wimpernserum straight from Germany in a brand I personally really like.

I got so into this that I have contacted a few companies to get sample size products to put together a little showing I can put on for friends. I only show them extraordinary finds that they cannot get in stores that sell makeup or perfume here. There is a certain novelty to having the international products in your makeup bag, but you stick with them once you find out how much better they can do the job. My husband tells me I have a global face when I get ready for work or to go out. I’m sure he means it as a compliment.