Finally Taking Care of an Old Problem

I finally found the courage to investigate acne scar removal in my late twenties after I got tired of hiding my hideous reminder of youthful acne behind layers of make up. I grew up in a poor home with parents who were unconcerned about their kids’ personal hygiene, and I’ve suffered greatly for it. Going through my teens I had hideous, terrible acne outbreaks that seemed to go on for months and months. A lack of showering probably didn’t help, and I had no access to creams or lotions that could’ve alleviated the situation. The result was horrible scarring by the time I hit twenty.

Fortunately, I was a good student and was able to go away to college and it was there, around other people, that I learned to start taking care of my skin. But I also had to start applying the make up quite heavily to hide those scars. I despaired that I would ever be able to get rid of them. Then I graduated, found a great job making lots of money, and got married to a man who understands my reservations about these scars. He suggested I research the topic online and find a solution and that we could easily cover whatever the cost would be to fix it.

I found out that many skin clinics can remove most scarring through the use of lasers. What they do is remove the layers of skin most harmed by the scarring and when it heals, most of the marks are gone. While I was apprehensive about the possible pain, I was willing to take the chance if it meant I could wear less make up and feel less self-conscious about my face. The procedure went quickly and I look a lot better. You can’t really tell unless you know where to look. Even my husband says he can’t see the scars now!