I Have a Job Working for the Chemistry Department

I just got hired today, although I really did not understand much about the job or what I am supposed to do. In essence it seems that I am babysitting a bunch of experiments which go on for long periods of time. I spend a lot of time doing my homework and studying or just goofing off on the internet. I did get to look for a place to buy top research chemical online, the professor seems to be upset with some company that provides him with the chemicals that he is using right now. In fact he seems to be somewhat upset at everything in general. That is not much of an issue for me. I am sitting around his lab for around six hours a night, doing rather little in the way of actual work. I simply make some rounds about once an hour and check to make sure that nothing dramatic has happened. In some cases I have to walk around tape on the floor, because there is a timelapse photography rig monitoring some of the reactions.

At any rate there is not any real work to the job, you just take some notes. That just involves transcribing the numbers from some machines, which really seems to be something that could be done automatically. I get off about 2 AM, but there is a really good looking girl who ended up with the next shift and if she wants to talk to me, well I do not run away from her. In fact she is really serious and so usually she comes in and starts to study. If you want to get right with your books, then the job is really terrific. It is the first time that I have really studied like I need to study. It would be incredibly boring if you had nothing else to do.