Learning About Breast Augmentation Today

I do not know exactly why I got on this kick, but I have been thinking about going into pre med and wondering what sort of work I would be doing. I saw this thing on the Discovery Investigations channel about a heart surgeon who killed his wife. Apparently in the aftermath he started doing this sort of surgery. I got to thinking about the options if you wanted bigger boobs and that led me to a number of sites like this one, http://www.smluc.org. They advertise that they are selling different non surgical options for breast enlargement. Apparently you take a pill or rub on some sort of ointment and it makes boobs bigger. I guess I would have to be skeptical about this claim. I do not think I would have to look around for the stuff if it really worked. In fact if you could do that I would think that there would be a lot fewer cosmetic surgeons and they would not be all that wealthy.

At least it seems to me that you would quickly hear about it if there was a substance which did that, you would have lots of girls who did that and over did that. It is pretty clear that you would not have to advertise it all that much. In fact you would probably need to have a lot of surgeons who would be making a living on breast reduction if it was a real thing that worked as well as it said. I would guess that you might have 13 year old girls who put this stuff on the flat chests and got big boobs, but those are a natural result of girls maturing in many cases. It is not necessarily something that happened for a reason like a cream.