Learning to Speak Some German

I am not minding it too much over here, although it is true that I have been transferred to Germany without any ability to speak the language. I am working as a mechanic for an armored cavalry regiment in Germany and they keep talking about moving us closer to the Baltic states, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Of course they have a lot of tension with the Russians and NATO wants to show they are going to stand with them. I met a girl the other day and she taught me that wimpernserum means eyelash serum. We were in a drug store where I wanted to buy some allergy medicine. Ever since I got over here it seems that I have been bothered by the pollen in the air. That is not so unusual as it was the same when I was growing up in North Carolina. A couple of weeks each year I would have really brutal problems with my sinuses draining and it has been no different over here. At any rate I have met a girl named Freya and she seems to be thinking about me as her boyfriend, but I have not really sealed the deal just yet. She wants to make me work hard to get her and she wants to teach me to speak German. I assume that her parents do not speak English and she is not going to take me home until I can do a better job of speaking to them. She has not said that, but it seems to be the way that it is going to be. In fact it is not as though I have any better thing to do on my time off. You really can not do that much when you do not know your way around the place.