Meg Wants to Be a Model

I suppose that Meg might actually have a pretty good shot at being a model, but I am not so sure that I really want to help her with her plans to transform herself into some sort of barbie doll before she is old enough to vote for the local council elections. She is sixteen years old now and in fact she is a brilliant young lady who has done well on all of those placement tests that they have. She is a lovely girl and she has done a good bit of model. A dental implant dentist in burton gave her a quote on an entire new smile, although I can not really see that much wrong with the one that she has now. It seems like a really beautiful smile to me to be totally honest about it. Of course when you look at these people on the telly and in these magazines it is clear that they have all had small fortunes put into their mouths.

Obviously with a model they pick at every little flaw. All of them are obsessed with being thinner than a reed, which I personally find to be unattractive. The truth is that I like to have girls look like girls, with curves and that sort of hourglass figure. A lot of these fashion models look like little boys to be totally honest about it. They are straight as toothpicks and just about as well proportioned. I really do not see what is the point of it. Some of them actually look like refugees or some sort of drug fiend, those type who spend all of their money on drugs and starve themselves because paying for food would stop them from being able to pay for the drugs that they desperately need.