Products That Increase Body Metabolism

I think one of the biggest reasons that I have been gaining weight in recent years, is that my metabolism is slowing down, and that really bothers me. I do not want to get fat, but it looks like I might not have a choice, unless I make some changes in my life. I feel like there might be products that could help to boost my metabolism, and help me to lose weight. I am looking for information for Artemisinin because I have heard that it is possible for it to increase your metabolism.

I am not sure how it works to do that, but if it provides results, then I would be interested in using it to increase my metabolism int he future. I am really tired of gaining weight, and one of the biggest problems, is that the added weight is causing me knee pain. I have a partially torn meniscus in my right knee, and the more I weigh, the more of a problem that is going to become. I am really scared of developing arthritis in the knee, as a result of the partially torn meniscus.

However, if I were able to lose some weight, I think that I would in much better shape, and that there would be much less of a chance that I would end up developing more knee problems than I am currently facing. I want to boost my metabolism as much as I can, so I might look into using multiple products to do that. It is also pretty clear to me that I need to try to change my diet. There are certain foods that I eat, which are not very healthy, but at the same time, I have a hard time avoiding. That is because I just like them so much.